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Wo nie ein floof zuvor gewesen ist ...

me honked 27 Sep 2022 19:23 +0200

Wait, the new Apple iPad Air with M1 CPU has 8 GB RAM … when comes the new Mastodon Business Edition to go self hosted on a iPad ;-)

me honked 26 Sep 2022 19:25 +0200

So so, Sachen gibts …

Screenshot, Safari Info über Tracker die mit iCloud+ (private relay) verhindert werden.

me honked 25 Sep 2022 21:39 +0200

Will the Threema messanger replace other messanger ?

me honked 25 Sep 2022 14:36 +0200

For movies related to the Nordic Noir genre you need much time.

me honked 24 Sep 2022 19:31 +0200

Still no up to date app for Misskey using iOS … I think I need a Akkoma account, but where ?

me honked 24 Sep 2022 18:23 +0200

IT is …

  • do all self


  • use a big corporation

to get what you want. WTF

me honked 24 Sep 2022 18:14 +0200

Mastodon365 Business Edition, when ?

me honked 24 Sep 2022 13:07 +0200

MissKey and Matrix hosting with own domain, when ?

me honked 24 Sep 2022 12:26 +0200

I'm still considering whether I should lay network cables in the city myself against our poor Internet connection.

me honked 24 Sep 2022 12:17 +0200

Ob ich schon mal Teelichter für den Winter als Heizquelle kaufen sollte.

me honked 24 Sep 2022 11:57 +0200

The moments in which you ask yourself, selfhosting for what.

me honked 24 Sep 2022 01:21 +0200

Lethes look in which mood my internet connection is ...

Screenshot of the download progress of the complete Logic Pro X sound library.

me honked 23 Sep 2022 14:41 +0200

FLOSS works IRL.

“Deploying Synapse was easy enough; one package, one upload. Integrating the Video Chat System, Jitsi Meet, was also straight-forward. We got Element to enhance the SAML authentication for Single Sign On, and that’s now available as open source. We’re pleased to have contributed back to the community.”


me honked back 23 Sep 2022 08:48 +0200
in reply to: https://a.n0id.space/objects/9ca45f24-154d-4afc-9113-fbd07c422e09

@rick Yes, new posts are highlighted. But things like chat messages you see only in the menu. Just a screenshot from my mobile.

Beside of that, each platform implements things different for example, chat messages from Pleroma you get in Chatter and the ones from MissKey in the at me (but that is not a Honk thing as tedu used Mastodon to implement things AFAIK).

A screenshot of Honk.

me honked 23 Sep 2022 08:31 +0200

Das Gefühl, wenn man 1 Kilogramm Brot kauft und beim Verlassen des Geschäftes den Eindruck hat, es gehört einem nun ein Teil des Unternehmens.

me honked back 23 Sep 2022 08:28 +0200
in reply to: https://a.n0id.space/objects/2561f72b-8156-45cc-9e2b-1676922f53d8

@rick Yep. But it also has no notifbox ;-)

That is one of this Linux / BSD thing. Mastodon, Pleroma, Akkoma, MissKey … have in mind to create a social network which is better or different then the existing versions.

tedu started Honk for other reasons I think.

You have to decide, will I follow back or accept I this follow request. With Honk, people are forced to interact that someone follows back (you know this dead looking accounts which always follow and never interact … ).

me honked back 22 Sep 2022 23:59 +0200
in reply to: https://a.n0id.space/objects/f22abb55-0c31-4521-884e-77a183abda1d

@rick Yep. As Honk is written using only HTML and CSS there are no gimmicks like JavaScript offers (yes, it is possible to extend Honk).

I can check the logfile and if it is a single user instance, I know that someone follows but on instances with more users I see only something like

successful post: https://a.n0id.space/inbox 200
successful post: https://mk.absturztau.be/inbox 202

so I have no clue to which user it refers.

me honked 22 Sep 2022 22:51 +0200

Updated my profile with :

FYI Honk did not show when you start to follow. If you want, that a Honk user follows back, you have to interact.

me honked 22 Sep 2022 22:02 +0200

tvOS 16

  • Nintendo Joy-Con compatibility

me honked 22 Sep 2022 21:54 +0200

🤔 Should I learn Japanese.

me honked back 22 Sep 2022 14:04 +0200
in reply to: https://bsd.network/users/h3artbl33d/statuses/109041806915097104

@h3artbl33d @peterk

Is macOS any better? How about Linux (despite it being open source)?

IMHO it is not the question whether better, it is more the question of their target markets.

Apple has with the BSD community a more cooperating community behind (whether they gave the same back as they took is another topic). And, Apple knows, if they fail again, there is no Steve Jobs to fix it. We could say, they have not so many installations out there as M$ on the other hand, Apple user are known to spent more money so, a better target. But how often we read about Ransomware on which platform.

Linux is a topic of its own. As Theo says … Linux people do what they do because they hate Microsoft.

If people could code they benefit of open source on the other hand, it is impossible to check all the code. And, if you look at Linux, you see often people and communities complaining and blame others instead todo something together.

The problem with M$ is, that it is everywhere and people have no opt out chance. So, if things are broken they are … and we work hours or days nothing (who cares, people get oayed).

As more complex systems get and as more we depend on them, as more is broken and bad. So, we can phrase it that simple as the base of our society gets more and more M$.

me honked 22 Sep 2022 12:50 +0200

Hat der Mensch eine eBanking App, braucht der Mensch keine Feinde mehr …

ich : öffne die eBanking App und möchte eine Vorlage zur Überweisung von Geld ändern.
eBanking App : um Vorlagen zu erstellen oder zu ändern, öffnen sie ihr eBanking.
ich : 😤 dann ist die App nicht mein eBanking Dings oder wie …
ich : öffne den Webbrowser und logge mich beim eBanking web Portal der Bank ein, um meine Vorlage zu ändern um diese in der eBanking App die ja nicht mein eBanking ist, für eBanking nutzen zu können.
ich : für was braucht man diese eBanking App noch mal … ach ja

2 und 3 noch nie genutzt … einfach nur 🤦

me honked 21 Sep 2022 21:44 +0200

@horia Hy there, to your last eMail to ports@ for the Honk diff.

If you like to keep the acme-client informations you should also mention to create the relayd.conf file using umask 077;... otherwise the daily insecurity output shows something like this.

Running security(8):
Checking special files and directories.
Output format is:
                criteria (shouldbe, reallyis)
        permissions (0600, 0644)
mtree special: exit code 2

In this case created using root on a fresh install.