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Wo nie ein floof zuvor gewesen ist ...

me honked 07 Aug 2022 06:48 +0200

Honk easter egg ...

Aug  6 21:22:23 hydra honk[55171]: 2022/08/06 21:22:23 he's dead jim: %...

me honked 07 Aug 2022 00:50 +0200

😤 as it looks, when my Fritzbox switches the cell tower, then DNS is broken.

me honked back 06 Aug 2022 21:11 +0200
in reply to: https://cybre.club/notes/93ltwb549h

@foxhkron So that you are afraid not to meet the expectations of others ? Or that others judge you for what you are or are not in their eyes ?

I would not care to much of others or what others expect from you or how you have to be. Just be you.

IMHO I try to treat others in a way I like that others treat me ... works not always but hey, that´s life.

me honked 06 Aug 2022 20:22 +0200

Dear Santa, can we get a Zelda like Stargate version ...

me honked 06 Aug 2022 20:04 +0200

So, let's see whether my Honk DB shrinks if I put it overnight in the freezer.